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Posted by Nicolas ( A good Thunderbird episode should always make you feel like you've just fallen in love, you relive every moment...) Carelse on February 10, 2024 at 04:51:45:

In Reply to: Re: The ones that really irritate me are - posted by Crystal Phoenix on February 09, 2024 at 21:55:45:

Oh chill, does it REALLY matter. Granted 'Trapped in the sky' probably does stand out as the worst offender of the bunch, craft wise. Isn't the displeasure more to do with the fact that a 'sacred cow' has been found to be flawed than anything else?. Fine, it was 36 YEARS AGO!, that's the curse of digi-mastering. DON'T forget that MOST of the reason you didn't see them b4 is because the old prints were BLURRED and the colour WAS bleeding out of certain areas.
Less repeated shows such as 'Atlantic Inferno' aren't too bad. However, Lord Parkers 'Oliday also 2nd series is awful (and was, at least in London repeated far more regularly!). Did you really want those prints to become unscreenable?. Granted the EXTRA sound effectes can be annoying (particularly the NEW FAB1 effects) and inconsistent. However as for the puppet strings!, Stephen I respect you but I suggest you're making more of it because you were expecting it!. If anything the episodes are more uniform thru the run. The difference isn't really that much, HONEST!. Don't forget that some episodes particularly in the middle of series 1 WERE AWFUl. Particularly the Tracy Island scenes and as you know that was to do with whether 'painting ou' was attempted or not or to what degree. Some of the worst offenders do seem SLIGHTLY better.
So, I suggest it's all in the eye of the beholder.
Me 41,I don't care, never did care, never will care. Remember it wasn't made for you're generation you INHERITED it. Only through it's phenomenol quality beauty and charm did it survive so that you younger fans could experience it 25 yrs later on BBC2 circa 1991>. Treasure it and be grateful it'll survive so that maybe the next gen. may, just MAY derive one 10th of the happiness it brought me as a child in the early 70's and my relatives in the 60's.
PS Let me tell you one more lttle story, as a child I COULD see the strings on Fireflash, quite clearly!. Through the 70's,80's til we come to the 90's when the masters had deteriotated so badly that yes, the strings WERE harder to spot. Ponder on that if you will but there again...DOES IT MATTER?. Love 2 all Nicolas C.

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