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Sorry about the complete lack of updates in the last year or so! It's been a bit of a stressful time. I went off to university but it all went horribly wrong. I'm now taking a gap year to claw back my self-esteem. And anyway, I've become very busy these days with various other projects, hobbies, etc. and at some point you run out of time to get everything in.

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As you may have noticed, I've given the site a bit of an overhaul, to bring the design more in line with Stingray Online, which I always preferred anway. The old design was something I knocked together in a few minutes meaning to change it as soon as I could be bothered. That was nearly five years ago, which probably says a lot about my motivational skills.Thunderbirds!!

Wow, this site is nearly five years old. That makes me feel quite ancient. I remember setting it up to coincide with the 2000 repeat runs, largely forgotten by now. And who'd have thought that we'd have a live-action Thunderbirds movie by now? And, er, wasn't it... interesting.

In today's updates there's a long-overdue guide to the new Thunderbirds movie (unfortunately lacking in pictures because I haven't got the DVD yet) and a new feature to the site in the form of the brilliantly comprehensive Lexicon written by Kristin D.


I feel I should also make a statement about the forum. Er, yes, sorry everyone. The thing about the old forum was that I'd partially hand-coded it myself, something I felt pretty proud about, so I stuck with it for ages, even when it became apparent that the security was a little lacking. Unfortunately, I then got evicted from the original server and relocated to a new one which couldn't support my forum. So, I shut it down and, although I planned to make a new one, I never got around to it.

Basically, the forum isn't coming back as it used to be, because at the moment there's no way I can spare the time it takes to look after it. But, as a person who's been out of the loop for some time, can I ask if there's another place you all congregate these days? I'd be more than happy to hype up any such place on my site.