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by Amy Pilling
(NB. This story is based from Tintin's point of view)

Chapter 6: Getting You Out Of This Fix

      "Tintin? Tintin can you hear me?"
      I began to wake up, I felt really sick and I couldn't focus.
      When I looked up, my blurred vision could make out someone leaning over me with blond hair.
      "Alan?" I said, I could barely speak properly.
      "No Tintin, it's me, John"
      When I focuses properly, yes, it was John.
      I guess that seeing blond hair through blurred vision would make you think of the person closest to you matching that description.
      John pushed the hair out my face, and smiled down over me.
      He was wearing a harness and was carrying another with him.
      "Tintin, stay still, I have harness to put on you" John informed he as he stroked my cheek, "We don't have much time left, I estimate about 5 minutes"
      I nodded a little to show I understood.
      He lent over me and pulled the harness around my waist.
      There was a sudden strike of pain.
      I screamed.
      "Shhhh" John said soothingly, "It's ok, I'll try not to hurt you"
      Tears swept down my face like small beady blankets covering my dusty dry skin.
      John fixed the harness around me and attached the front of it to his own; just as that moment, the water flooded onto the ledge.
      I gasped in shock; it was ice cold on my skin.
      "Pull us up" John shouted out.
      There was a short silence then we began to slowly move up.
      John wrapped his arms around me for support, he felt so soft and warm; I knew I was safe with him.
      We were slowly being hauled up; the light from the top was getting closer.
      I turned and looked down to the ledge I was just on; it was completely submerged in water.
      I turned back to look at John who smiled and me, I buried my face into his chest, I was so frightened.
      Before I knew it, I was out of the hole and back into daylight, I could see over John's shoulder that Thunderbird 2 had air lifted me us out.
      We were slowly laid to the side of the hole.
      John under his harness from mind and stood up over me; Scott was standing there with a radio in hand, he looked down at me.
      "How are you feeling, Tintin?" Scott asked as he knelt down next to me.
      "Broken" I said with a slight smirk on my face.
      He gave me a quick snigger then looked up at John.
      "We better get her to hospital" Scott with a serious tone.
      "FAB" John said taking Scott's radio.
      Suddenly, like another violent earth tremor the ground began to collapse under us.
      Scott and John grabbed my arms just as the ground beneath us gave way.
      They just managed to jump to the side with me in dragging tow.
      But, I was still in danger.
      I was now dangling over the open water pit with only John and Scott hanging onto me.
      I began screaming out like a lunatic.
      "DON'T LET ME GO!" I screamed out.
      "We weren't planning to" Scott said holding my arm with dear life.
      "On three, pull her up" John told Scott, "123!"
      Both John and Scott pulled me from over the giant hole.
      Scott picked me in his arms.
      "Quick, this whole area is gonna cave in" Scott said running with me in his arms.
      John followed in tow just as the remaining area collapsed into the hole.
      I was in some considerable amount of pain at this point, and I mean considerable!
      Soon after the hole had collapsed a medical helicopter arrived on the scene to air lift me to hospital.
      I was glad to be in the hands of medical professionals as I was taken to hospital in Cairo.

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