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by Amy Pilling
(NB. This story is based from Tintin's point of view)

Chapter 7: In Hospital

      I was in hospital for a week after the injuries I sustained.
      They weren't as bad as I thought; only one broken leg and a bruised spine and a few other bruised places.
      I guess I was glad to be a live.
      My Dad visited me the most; he was all over pampering me while I was in this state, oh well! When in Rome!
      Mr Tracy and Scott visited me in hospital the day before I was due to come home.
      "Your very lucky you know" Scott said tapping my shoulder.
      I sighed at him.
      "No more vacations for me" I said with a snigger.
      Mr Tracy laughed at me, I guess he was glad I was alright in the end.
      "Alan sends his wishes to you on a speedy recovery" Scott said to me with a smirk crossing his face.
      I smiled vacantly, that was just the name I wanted to hear.
      "He was in a real frenzy over you safety, Tintin" Mr Tracy said as he picked up the newspaper off the table next to me.
      "He was?" I asked, I was really interested in this.
      "I swear he was going to cry and jump out of Thunderbird 5 to rescue you himself" Scott said lightly punching my arm.
      I laughed, what a though.
      "He was panicking more then me, and I was the one in the predicament!"
      We all laughed at that, a little laughter brightened up my day.
      I lay there looking at Scott and Mr Tracy; I was so glad that they were here with me now in hospital then attending my funeral.
      I couldn't wait until I got back home to the cosiness of island life, with the sand and sea surrounding me.
      I wanted to be safe at home from now on and the next vacation I take would be with an escort.
      I didn't even mind going back to the dirty dishes and smelly laundry, after this ordeal, washing socks didn't seem like a bad idea.
      Yes, its back to the kitchen for me, cooking apple pies and playing snugly with Alan.
      "Well, we have to go now Tintin" Mr Tracy said standing up, "Virgil will be here in the afternoon to pick you up"
      "Yes, Mr Tracy" I said softly, "I can't wait to get home!"

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