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(NB. This story is based from Tintin's point of view)

Chapter 5: Calling International Rescue!

      It was probably the best and the worst thing in the world to hear that "International Rescue" would come to help me; since I was normally a part of the team, it would seem pretty strange.
      I bet the only main reason they would come to rescue me is so they don't have to hire another person to cook their food and wash their clothes.
      I lay there, listening to the gushing water below where I lay and the vivid mumbling above the hole.
      Then I heard Ali's voice again.
      "Tintin, International rescue is on their way!"
      "I don't know if they'll make it in time" I was beginning to doubt if there was much time left.
      "Don't worry, just hold on" Ali's voice trailed off again.
      I could no longer hear any talking; all I could hear was the water.
      Where was it coming from?
      The Nile.
      Dear god, I was defiantly in trouble.
      I couldn't do much else but lay there and wait for help to arrive.
      I sighed softly and looked around again at my dark surroundings.
      The walls seemed to stick out from the darkness; they were a mixture of sand and granite.
      I wanted to see where the water level was up to but I would have to move into a good position.
      I shuffled myself along the ledge I was on; it seemed sturdy enough to hold me up.
      I leaned onto my shoulder, ignoring the pain in other parts of my body and I peered over the edge.
      The water was bellow me, it did have a bit to go before I was really in major danger but I could see the foamy surface, which is still bad news that I didn't have more than four hours before I would be submerged in water.
      I shuffled myself back into a safer position on the ledge and laid as still as I could, it was very hot and the air was dry and the pain…the pain was just horrible...I wanted to scream until my head dropped off.
      I was feeling a bit drowsy, I wasn't going to stay conscious for much longer and I knew it but I had to try.
      "Tintin, how you feeling?"
      Ali had come back again.
      "I don't feel to good, I want to go to sleep"
      "No Tintin, whatever you do, don't go to sleep!" Ali bellowed, "Stay with us!"
      I sighed, I didn't know if I could.
      "Tintin? TINTIN!"
      "I'm still awake Ali," I said breathlessly.
      "Good, I'll keep a look out for International Rescue"
      Ali went again and I was left alone with only the sound of the water for company.
      The heat was now becoming a factor; I was thirsty and the air around me had no moisture.
      This had not been a good day.
      I fidgeted through the pain, trying to get comfortable.
      I felt sore and tired but I had to keep with it until the boys arrived.
      "Ali?" I called up.
      There was no reply.
      "Ali!" I shouted.
      Still no reply, had he left me here to die?
      "ALI!" I screamed as loud as I possibly could.
      "What is it Tintin?"
      He was there, he hadn't left me.
      "International Rescue…"
      "Yes, what about them?" He asked me.
      "Are they here yet?"
      "No, I told you I'm on the look out for them"
      I sighed; it was if I was being pulled out of the boundaries of time.
      "Please, don't go" I whimpered
      "I have to, I have to make sure they get here"
      "I hope they come soon, I haven't got long left before the water rises over my head!"
      "They won't be long, I promise" Ali said with a soft voice "I'm going to check if they've arrived now; be patient! I'll be back soon"
      He was gone again.
      International Rescue was taking forever to get here, or was it just me? Had time slowed down while I was in pain or was it this tiredness that had become overwhelming.
      I closed my eyes for a moment and tried to take my mind off the pain.
      I thought about the kiss with Alan, so soft and warm and yet so possessive; he may have been waiting to do it for along time?
      Would I ever get to kiss him again, would I make it out of this situation? I had to think positive right now, believe in hope.
      Oh Alan, I wanted him here now more then ever!
      "Alan…Alan help me" I called out.
      What was I saying, I was delirious! Scott or Virgil or Gordon or John would be here to help me.
      I opened my eyes, I could sense the water was a lot closer to me now then before, time was slowly running out.
      I listened out for aircraft engines, there were none, I guess the water was drowning out all chances of me being able to listen out for their arrival.
      Darn it, what was keeping them!
      I lay there in the bitter darkness, thinking about nothing but Tracy Island, which was my home with Mr Tracy, Scott, Virgil, Alan, Gordon, John, Dad and Grandma Tracy, oh I missed my dad right now! I needed him; the pain was becoming more aggravating then ever.
      "Dad…Dad, where are you?"
      I knew where he was; I was just really scared to think at that moment in time.
      I began to feel really woozy, my head was spinning around; I couldn't focus and my mind was going blank; the overwhelming dizziness was throwing my body into a state of weakness and vivid feeling.
      Suddenly, I could hear thumping footsteps.
      It was Ali's voice above me again.
      This is the last thing I heard before the world around me just went black.
      I had passed out.

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