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Re: new fan fiction site

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Posted by Hannah B on February 20, 2024 at 19:17:41:

In Reply to: Re: new fan fiction site posted by Fran on February 20, 2024 at 18:33:08:

I can see it now...

"Hi kid brother." Vigil strolled into the room, to see Gordon gazing romantically into Tintin's eyes.
"Oh my God! TinTin, what on earth?...."
"Oh Virg, I'm so Sorry! I didn't realise you were home, I thought you were still out rescuing that lady from the womens toilets..."
"So you thought you'd have a go with Gordon, eh? Of course, he's never out, is he? I don't really think he's a proper part of IR. He never does anything!!!!"
"Hey, big boy, watch it! What about the time I got that phial from the swamp when those giant alligators were attacking? Nothing you could have done without me, is there???!!!"
Virgil stormed out of the room, and into his bedroom, where he contacted John on the radio.
"What? I can't belive it! How could she???? I mean, I thought...Oh my God...."
"I know it's so bad. Wait, she didn't do you too?"
"Well, it was erm, a very difficult situation. It was when I was at the base, obviously. She, erm, she caught me in the pool and started talking about my six pack. What could I do? I just hope Alan doesn't find out, he'd be devastated!"
"Yeah, lets not tell him. In the mean time, what about Gordon?.."......
Hannah B.

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