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Re: ITS 2065!!!

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Posted by Stephen La Riviere on February 17, 2024 at 08:46:43:

In Reply to: ITS 2065!!! posted by neil baird on February 17, 2024 at 00:38:42:

It is of course NOT posible that Zero X in CS was an updated version. So what if it says it's a mistake in The Complete Boook of Thunderbirds. Don't believe everything you read. They once wrote the Titanic was unsinkable. They all believed it and look what happened.

For a start there are a number of errors in The Complete TB. For one he credits two people for Colonel Benson for the same piece of footage. He said Captain Hansen and then later on Hanson and regarding a photo I posted on this site last week he says it's from the Uninvited even though the set is clearly second season.

Show me where in the series it states 2065 clear enough for the viewers to see. Tell me where it says 2065 at all. Anderson has just changed his mind over the years. Oh and if Grandma was born in 1980 how come Jeff was born in 1970. If you don't believe me pop along to the Supermarionation repository.

Gerry Anderson says the episodes were set a hundred years from whe they were made. That still doesn't make it 2065 as many episodes went into production in late '63 early '64.

Captain Scarlet IS set in 2068 because that's the first thing it says.

Sorry I know what I'm talking about. Don't just listen to what people say find the evidence. That's the point you can't find any clear evidence of 2065.

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