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A few words of wisdom that I think we'll ALL benefit from. So please read this and lets get back to normality!

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Posted by Stephen La Riviere on February 12, 2024 at 20:21:45:

Itís no secret that recently this forum has sunk to an all time low. Why? Because of ALL the people who write on it. Are we not all Thunderbirds fans? If we are then we should stand together not against each other. The rest of society looks at people who like Cult television as anoraks. Fans of Thunderbirds, Doctor Who, The Avengers (unfortunately I cover all three of those but then I know Iím weird!!!) all of these are discriminated against. We know that weíre not different Ė well I am but thatís immaterial.

This is a forum NOT a Battlefield. Joseph does his best to run this site and all we can do is ruin it.

So I suggest that we start this forum anew. Wipe away all the bad feeling and consider these points:

1) We are all fans of Thunderbirds Ė old and new. If there werenít any new fans then the series would die and we donít want that do we? What sort of forum would this be if everybody had the same thoughts and opinions. So what if a person asks what F.A.B. means. We all had to start somewhere. Even I asked that question once. I wonít hold it against you that you donít know what the 56th line in Terror in New York City is if you donít hold it against me that I do. I think that makes sense!

2) Before you reply to a message and accuse somebody of being rude think for a moment and wonder whether you have misinterpreted the message. REMEMBER we canít here each others voice.

3) Think about HOW you write your message. I am indeed the worse offender of this. Often I write in the way that I speak. If you could here me then youíd probably laugh. When you canít here me you accuse me of being rude. So think carefully.

4) Donít get irate with a person just because theyíre not as funny as Nic etc. We are all different and all have opinions to contribute. Let a person do so.

5) We are all aware that there are people who go out of their way to ruin this forum - ignore them. Let them get on with their childish games. Joseph will delete their messages soon enough. Donít even say ĎI didnít write that.í We know you didnít. If the fools who write this stuff get no response theyíll get bored.

6) Finally as nice as it is that you all like my web site Ė remember that this is Josephís forum. If you have a message for me regarding my site then you can contact me in the FAB FORUM. I know Iíd get irate if people kept on leaving messages in my forum to say how nice Josephís site is!

A few words of wisdom for us all I think. Now lets turn this into a forum we can all enjoy.

Best wishes to you all,


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