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by Amy Pilling
(NB. This story is based from Tintin's point of view)

Chapter 1: C'est La Vie

      "This is all I want to do on I Saturday afternoon!"
      I stood surrounded by filth that flowed across the kitchen surfaces; there was no end to the unwashed dishes and the filthy laundry that sat in a basket, which had tipped over onto the floor.
      I can tell you, I wasn't too pleased; I was screeching at the top of my voice and was close to going through the wall.
      Alan came in when he heard me yelling my head off.
      "What's wrong Tintin?" he asked, leaning against the doorframe.
      "What's wrong! Just look at this mess!" I said pointing at the bombsite we called a kitchen.
      Alan just looked around; he didn't seem like he was bothered.
      "You boys never help out! You always make excuses that you have to be on alert for if an emergency call comes in!"
      Alan looked at me and then back at the mess, I sighed and forced the plug into the sink and turned on the hot water.
      "Gee Tintin, look, I'm sorry we never help" Alan pulled himself from the doorframe, "We are always on alert, but I guess I'm not needed now so I'll help you"
      He came over and wrapped his arm across my shoulders; I smiled at him as I turned off the tap.
      "Thanks Alan" I said, putting some of the dishes into the sink.
      Grandma was on holiday so I was lumbered with the cooking and cleaning duties, so I was glad of a little help.
      He was just picking up the basket of laundry when Virgil came running into the kitchen.
      "Alan, we just got a call from John, dad wants you in the lounge pronto!" Virgil said eagerly.
      Alan looked at me, putting the basket down on one of the worktops.
      "Sorry Tintin, I'm needed" he said softly.
      "It's all right, that's more Important" I said, trying to hold myself from screaming and smashing my head against the sink.
      Alan walked out with Virgil leaving me to do all this work by myself, well it wasn't unusual anyway.
      I stood scrubbing the dishes feeling stressed and worn out, why did I have to be thrown up to my neck in dirt and waste?
      Isn't this what they say is the life of a woman? Well I don't think it is!
      It took me a couple of hours to sort out the mess, but I eventually finished up just as Alan, Virgil and Scott got back from the rescue.
      "So, what was so important that you left me to the scruff of the kitchen?" I asked Alan as I came into the lounge.
      "There was a fire at one of the old Parliament buildings in London, somehow, the fire fighters couldn't keep the fire under control after a major explosion. We had to put out the fire and rescue a few panicking people from the blaze"
      I really wasn't interested, but I just wanted to know anyway; just my luck for a fire to break out when I needed some help with the cleaning up.
      I slumped myself down onto the couch with a tired huff, I wasn't planning to get back up for a while; my legs were killing me!
      Mr Tracy (Jeff) looked at from over his newspaper; he smirked a little and put his paper down.
      "You know Tintin," He said, "You work too hard to put meals on the table and to keep this place clean"
      "C'est la vie, Mr Tracy" I said, totally pooped out.
      "You know what" He said tapping his paper, "You deserve a vacation"
      I practically jumped through the roof! I threw myself across his desk and wrapped my arms around him.
      "Oh Mr Tracy, thank you so much!" I said, I felt tears coming to my eyes.
      Hey, I hadn't planned to get back up, but I can make an exception!
      "That's ok Tintin, you better get packing, you will leave to a destination of your choice tomorrow morning after Alan goes to the space station"
      I smiled and ran out of the lounge at lightning speed, I couldn't believe that I was really taking a vacation after such along time of back braking work.
      I went straight to my room and threw myself on my bed and sighed happily, pulling a pillow to my face.
      "I've never seen anybody run so fast"
      I looked up to see Alan standing at my door smiling at me.
      "Well, I do deserve a break you know!" I said, throwing my pillow at him.
      He caught it and threw it back at me then laughed; I sat up straight and hurled the pillow behind me.
      He came in and sat on my bed next to me, I moved myself closer to him.
      I really do like Alan; he just makes me feel so happy when he is around me.
      I love the way he always wants to be with me and cheer me up when I'm sad and I definitely love the way he puts his arms around me tightly, which makes me feel safe and cosy with him.
      "I'll help you pack" Alan said putting his hand on mine, "To make up for earlier"
      I smiled and looked down at his hand, it was soft and delicate on top of mine.
      "Thank you" I said gently, looking into his sparkling blue eyes.
      God, I so wanted to kiss him right then but I held back.
      I stood up, his hand falling away from mine as I turned and opened my wardrobe to pull out my suitcase, I flung it onto my bed.
      "So, where do you plan on going?" Alan said, he was still sat down.
      "I think I might go to Egypt for that big archaeological dig near the Nile, they say they may have found some valuable treasures"
      Alan nodded his head; it was definitely a good choice in his books.
      I closed my wardrobe and lent myself against it tiredly.
      "I'll go tell father for you and I'll be straight back" Alan said, "He'll be able to organise it for you tomorrow"
      He stood up and gave me that heart-melting smile that he always does.
      I slightly nodded and turned back to my suitcase as he walked out, I unzipped it and lay it open in front of me.
      I wished Alan could go with me but I guess Mr Tracy would really be against it since he had to go up to Thunderbird 5 and do his duty in the satellite for a whole month, the life of International Rescue was sure a tough one.
      I sat down next to my suitcase and looked around my room, I wasn't sure what I was going to take on my holiday to Egypt but I did know one thing, that it was going to be my best vacation ever!

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