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When Thunderbird 1 is shot down by the Zombites onto the Sahara Desert, Scott is saved by two explorers. But when the explorers run out of water and stumble across the Zombites' pyramid base, can Scott return the favour?

The Zombite jet pilot Thunderbird 1 is returning to base from a Tokyo fire. Scott reports to Jeff that International Rescue's help was not needed. Jeff wants him to escort Alan up to Thunderbird 5 when he returns. Suddenly, he is fired on by three unidentified jets. He attempts to take evasive action by is eventually hit. Thunderbird 1 dives down towards the ground, despite Jeff's urges to get the nose up. It hits the ground in an Egyptian desert and skids along the ground before hitting a dune and stopping. The pilot of the lead fighter jet (wearing a ZZ logo) reports success.

Jeff urgently tries to get through to Scott but there is no reply. Scott regains conciousness and tries to contact base but the radio is smashed. He opens the hatch and sees the sands stretching for as far as the eye can see. Miles away from civilisation he collapses in the heat.

Jeff tells Virgil. Gordon has plotted his rough position. Virgil and Brains prepare to leave in Thunderbird 2 and Tin-Tin begs to be able to accompany them. Jeff eventually agrees. Thunderbird 2 takes off. Alan suggests that the fighters thought Scott was a spy. Jeff glances towards Scott's portrait but can see nothing.

The explorers find Thunderbird 1 A short distance from Thunderbird 1 and an all-terrain truck and trailer are being driven by two explorers, Wilson and Lindsey. Lindsey wants Wilson to slow down and treat the sand with respect but Wilson is too fed up with their expedition to care. Lindsey catches sight of Thunderbird 1 but Wilson passes it off as a mirage until he sees it for himself. They drive up to it and Lindsey sees the International Rescue markings. They go and help Scott. Wilson is unconvinced about the fighters; they have not seen any human life around for miles. Before recieving medical treatment, Scott asks them to contact International Rescue and report his wellbeing.

John tells Jeff from Thunderbird 5 and Jeff tells Virgil the exact location. Tin-Tin sees Thunderbird one and so Thunderbird 2 lands next to it. Tin-Tin attends to Scott while Brains fixes Thunderbird 1's radio.

That night, the members of International Rescue and the explorers set up a camp beneath the nose of Thunderbird 2. Brains thinks Scott was lucky in the attack. Scott is baffled by it. Wilson explains about the expedition to find the lost pyramid of Khamandides; only some people have caught glimpses of it and some believe it to be only a mirage. Tin-Tin thinks they should go to bed.

Back at Tracy Island, the next day, Scott is under a barrage of questions. He hopes that the explorers have as much luck in finding the pyramid as they did with him.

Wilson and Lindsey are arguing again and Wilson is driving to fast. The coupling between the truck and trailer is becoming weak. As they drive along a ridge the trailer becomes disconnected and rolls to the bottom of the hill. Wilson realises that all of their supplies are in the trailer just as it explodes. They watch in horror.

Lindsey admits he also put the radio on the trailer until he sees it someway down the hill, having fallen out of the truck. Wilson attempts to contact their base camp but it does not work. Wilson guesses that some of the sonic wave compensators have been damaged. If they don't get water soon, they will die.

Ironically, Tin-Tin and Gordon are playing in the swimming pool. Alan and Scott are about to launch Thunderbird 3 so that Alan can swap with John. Jeff initiates the launch sequence. They each take their positions and Thunderbird 3 takes off.

The explorers are having no luck with the radio. They have enough fuel for 50 miles and Wilson suggests they use it; he has found a water hole to the North that they can reach. Lindsey continues trying to work the radio.

Thunderbird 3 links up with Thunderbird 5 and John activates the boarding tube. John suggests that Alan listen out to a message he has picked up from the Sahara Desert, possibly the explorers. John heads back to Thunderbird 3 and departs. Alan hears Lindsey attempting to send a message.

Wilson and Lindsey have found the water hole and are looking forward to their long drink. However, when they get to it they find it has gone completely dry. Wilson tries to contact International Rescue directly. Alan hears the first part of his message but it fades out before he can get the location.

Thunderbird 3 returns to base. Alan plays the message back to Virgil who recognises the voice. Scott returns on the sofa and Jeff immediately sends him off in Thunderbird 1. Meanwhile in the desert, Wilson isn't sure if he reached Thunderbird 5. Lindsey sees something on the horizon; the lost pyramid of Khamandides. Wilson suggests that there might be a nomadic tribe camp with water by it, and they have just enough fuel to reach it.

The pyramid Parking beneath the pyramid, they find it deserted. The heiroglyphics tell of an eternal fountain. Lindsey cannot find a door but behind him one of the stones hinges upwards automatically. Hearing the sound of dripping water, they enter and gaze in awe at the carvings around them. Suddenly the door closes behind them, and lying next to it, they see the skeleton of the tomb's last guest.

Scott arrives at the water hole in Thunderbird 1 and follows the jeep tracks to the pyramid. The explorers shout but hear no one else in the tomb. Suddenly they find water in the shape of the eternal fountain.

Scott lands Thunderbird 1. He follows the prints to the wall and the stone moves back for him. As he enters it closes behind him as well. He reports this to Jeff who will send Thunderbird 2 out if he doesn't hear from Scott in ten minutes. Scott hears the voices of the explorers and follows them.

They, meanwhile, have found a pile of fantastic treasures that will make them rich. Scott arrives and offers to help them but Lindsey is worried that he is there to take the treasure and shoots his radio to base. When Wilson tries to reason with him he shoots at Wilson who falls to the floor. Scott hides behind a statue, and Lindsey behind a pile of riches and they shoot at each other. Lindsey shoots Scott's gun out of his hand and picks it up. He fires away at the leg of the statue until it falls away leaving Scott exposed.

Salvation comes from an unlikely source when two men emerge from a hidden door and shoot the gun from Lindsey's hand and he drops to the floor unconcious. They also sport the ZZ logo. They gesture for Scott and Wilson (who was only grazed by the bullet) to come with them. Virgil is on his way in Thunderbird 2.

The monorail Scott, Wilson and the unconcous Lindsey are being held a gunpoint in a monorail train. It is travelling over an underground refinery where more men are working on a highly explosive gas that gives them fuel and power. Wilson sees a man in a gas mask and notes than it must be poisonous. This man is tanking up the fighters that shot Scott down. The train reaches the end of the refinery.

Thunderbird 2 has arrives at the Sahara Desert. The monorail train has arrived in a control room. After communicating in a strange language, one of the hostiles turns on a screen which shows Thunderbird 2. On the orders of the leader, a group of missiles are prepared. Scott has a plan.

A panel in the side of the pyramid opens and the leader orders the missiles into the correct position for firing. Suddenly Wilson knocks the gun from his guard's hand and begins to wrestle with him. Scott picks up the gun and begins shooting. He hits the control panel, causing the missiles to fire and explode a short distance from Thunderbird 2. Gordon thinks it was a warning shot.

Wilson starts the train and Scott continues to shoot the enemy as it moves away. One of them starts the alarm. As the train passes over the refinery, the man in the gas mask fires at them. Scott fires back and hits him but the man falls on a lever, releasing a stream of gas. A needle approaches danger level and the machinery begins to explode. Scott thinks the pyramid will blow up at any time but Wilson cannot move the train any faster.

Virgil and Gordon plan to land Thunderbird 2 and investigate. The hostiles are all choking on the gas. The train reaches the end of its line. Lindsey wakes up and Scott tells him he'll have to run soon. The stone in the wall moves out of the way and Scott urges the explorers out. Thunderbird 2 is about to land but Scott warns Virgil to back off with his watch.

The machinery continues to explode and the men inside the pyramid are all dead. Thunderbird 1 takes off just as the dial reaches danger. The pyramid explodes once and for all. Lindsey and Wilson have a lot to thank International Rescue for.

Verdict: Good episode with the pyramid base being memorable and Scott being rescued a nice twist. A motivation for the Zombites might have been nice, though.
Broadcast information: Broadcast on BBC 2 on Sunday 1st October 2000 at 5:05 pm.

DVD availability: On Volume 3 and the Complete Box Set.

Broadcast information: Broadcast on BBC 2 on Sunday 1st October 2000 at 5:05 pm.

DVD availability: On Volume 3 and the Complete Box Set.

VHS availability: On Volume 5, the Pod 1 Box Set and the Complete Box Set.

Novel availability: The Uninvited by Dave Morris.