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Welcome to Thunderbirds Online

by Kristin D.


Aeronautical Research Station: Research base for the AL-4. Carela & Jenkins stage a fake rescue to break in the base's underground vault in order to steal the plans for the AL-4 craft. (The Impostors).

Agent Tiger 4: BSS Agent Southern's code name. (30 Minutes After Noon).

AL-4: Prototype aircraft capable of accelerated light-speed. It's top secret plans are stored in an underground vault at the Aeronautical Research Station. (The Impostors).

Albert: An attendant on the Paris to Anderbad express train which Penelope & Sir. Jeremy are aboard. He is clubbed and thrown from the train by Dr. Godber who takes his place. (The Perils Of Penelope).

Allington Bridge: A suspension bridge in England, which was first thought to be damaged by a severe storm. The bridge collapses under the massive weight of the Martian Space Probe. (Day Of Disaster).

Allpets Co.: Manufacturer of a line of pet that use the aquatic fungus OD60 as a primary ingredient in many of its products. (Danger At Ocean Deep).

Alsterene: A highly combustible liquid fuel. When placed in close proximity with OD60, it creates a dense fog which also acts as high impedence communications interference, followed by a violent explosive reaction. Ocean Pioneers I & II were carrying liquid alsterene as its cargo. (Danger At Ocean Deep).

Ambro River: Located in the Southern Gulf region, Orchard & McGill have a laboratory in this area where they have developed the growth compound Theramine. (Attack Of The Alligators!).

Anderbad: A city located in the Swiss Alps. Professor Borrender was headed from Paris to Anderbad when he disappeared. Penelope & Sir Jeremy travel there to initiate a search for him. (The Perils Of Penelope).

Anderbad Express: A monotrain originating from Paris. Penelope & Sir Jeremy book passage on the nighttime express only to fall into Dr. Godber's trap. Penelope also narrowly escapes being bound and placed into the path of the next express. (The Perils Of Penelope).

Anderbad Tunnel: A 35-40 mile long tunnel deep in the Alps just outside of Anderbad. It's position deep within the Alpine Belt makes it impervious to outside communications from within the tunnel. Midway through it is a control center which monitors and controls all train traffic going in & out. Dr.Godber & Roache is holding Professor Borrender hostage and also Penelope & Sir Jeremy as well. (The Perils Of Penelope).

Asher, Colonel: Mission commander aboard the Sun Probe Rocket mission. (Sun Probe).

Ashton, Captain: Chief pilot and overseer of the new Skythrust aircraft. While in Paris, at the request of Lady Penelope, he agrees to host Francois Lemaire's fashion show aboard Skythrust for security reasons. (Alias Mr. Hackenbacker).

Atomic Irrigaion Station: Atomic powered stations which desalinates sea water for irrigation use. The Hood accidently destroyed the first station located in Australia which nearly caused the evacuation of Melbourne. A second station located in the Sahara is also sabotaged by the Hood in order to use the Mighty Atom to capture footage of Thunderbirds 1 & 2. (The Mighty Atom).

Atomus Engines: Primary propulsion of the Fireflash SST aircraft. 6 Atomus engines power Fireflash.

Auto Bomb Explosive Unit: Motion sensitive explosive placed in the landing gear of the Fireflash by the Hood to prevent it from landing. (Trapped In The Sky).

Automatic Counter: A device used by Penelope to count the sheep on her ranch at Bonga Bonga. Obviously, it needed to be calibrated. (Atlantic Inferno).

Automatic X-Ray Camera: A turret mounted camera located in the control tower at London Airport. Used to photograph the interior of passing aircraft, it helped to locate the Hood's bomb inside Fireflash. (Trapped In The Sky).