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  Security Hazard"This shouldn't have happened. The aircraft shouldn't have been left unguarded."

While fighting a fire in England, International Rescue accidentally allow a boy to stow away on Thunderbird 2. While he tries to think of a solution to the problem, Jeff tells his sons not to give away any secrets to Chip but this may not be as easy as it seems...

A fire is raging at a refinery in England. As the International Rescue fire truck helps the authorities to fight it, Thunderbirds 1 and 2 sit unguarded in a nearby field. Morrison puts his son Chip to bed in their home and prepares to go and help at the fire,explaining that International Rescue are helping a man out of a shaft. When he is gone Chip goes to the window and looks at the open pod door...

Some time later Scott returns to Tracy Island in Thunderbird 1 having completed the rescue followed by Virgil and Alan in Thunderbird 2 who report an electrical fault. As Thunderbird 2 enters its hanger, however, Jeff detects a security alert. Telling Virgil and Alan to stay put, he, Scott and Gordon arm themselves and close in on Thunderbird 2. Virgil releases and opens the pod only for them to find Chip has stowed away inside.

An angry Jeff holds a meeting with Scott, Gordon and Alan but no one can think of a way to return Chip to his home and keep security intact. Virgil is looking after Chip in the Thunderbird 2 hanger and refuses to answer his questions. But when Chip remarks that he would rather fly Thunderbird 1, Virgil tells of the rescue of Eddie Houseman (End Of The Road) to show how useful Thunderbird 2 is.

Virgil is summoned away by Jeff leaving Alan to take care of Chip. While in the Thunderbird 3 hanger, Chip voices his opinion that Alan must not see much action as a spaceman, prompting Alan to recap the rescue of the Sun Probe. Scott sends Alan to Jeff who is sceptical that Alan said nothing.

Jeff is confident that Scott will not tell Chip anything, unaware that Chip is now seated in the Thunderbird 1 cockpit being told about the saving of the first Fireflash (Trapped In The Sky). Scott forbids Chip from seeing Thunderbird 4 but soon he is seated in it with Gordon. Chip recalls the retrieval of the MSP nose cone at Allington Bridge (Day Of Disaster) prompting Gordon to tell the story.

Scott, Virgil and Alan are becoming worried at what Jeff will say about all they have told Chip, especially now he seems to have disappeared. Gordon, however, spies Jeff explaining his own role of coordinating the rescues to Chip!

Jeff realises that having been picked up in England where it is night, Chip must be very tired by now. The Tracys put him to bed and then transport him back to his home in Thunderbird 2. Morrison returns to his house just as Chip is waking up believing that all he experienced on Tracy Island was a dream.

Verdict: Virtually a non-episode in its own right with its reliance on flashbacks to previous episodes. There are some humourous moments but it is better to watch the episodes themselves unless you are short of time!
DVD availability: On Volume 7 and the Complete Box Set.

VHS availability: On the Pod 2 Box Set and the Complete Box Set.

Photonovel availability: In the Top Secret Annual 2001.